Upcoming Events

Listed below is the link to the Town of Eden Upcoming Events that may be found in the local Calendar.

  • Calendar of Events
  • If you have an upcoming event and live in Eden or a nearby town, please email us and we would be happy to add your event to the Town of Eden Calendar.

    Please email us at Town of Eden or at the address and phone number listed below.

    Eden Town Hall
    2795 East Church Street
    Eden, New York 14057
    Office: (716) 992-3408
    Attention: Diane

    Be sure to include the following:

    • Name/Title of Event
    • Date of Event
    • Time of Event
    • Location of Event-City, Town, Bldg., Room #, etc.
    • Contact name and phone number of who to call with questions regarding the event
    • Any other pertinent information, URL addresses, Repeating event, etc.

    Come and visit us in the breathtaking views of the Garden of Eden.
		 You'll enjoy golfing, fishing,and horsebackriding to name just a few activities!
		  The Town of Eden also showcases many farmer's markets where you can find homegrown strawberries, 
		  corn, pumpkins and much more!