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The Eden Reserve Police are still in existence today. That unit, commanded by Captain Joseph E. Flynn, maintains one lieutenant, three sergeants and up to 18 patrol officers. These volunteers provide a reservoir of manpower for crowd and traffic control, special events, natural disasters and they supplement the paid police personnel in routine dispatch and clerical duties. Our department is made more efficient by the help of these citizens, who wish to experience police work through active involvement. This Unit offers them the opportunity to become an integral part of the police organization in a volunteer capacity.

Reserve members are selected on the basis of their ability to complete the training program and their availability for service throughout the year. We require that Reserve members be available for a minimum of 8 hours each month, and that he or she attend regular in-service training sessions.

Initial/basic training consists of dispatcher training. Once reserves fulfill their duties on the desk, they may receive authorization to ride along with the police officers. Those that qualify receive training in physical restraining methods and self defense, proper search methods, and although they are not armed, some are qualified in firearms training. Members are taught E.M.S., and most recently they all received CPR and defibrillation training, as did the paid department.

The Reserves are an integral part of the Eden Police Service. Each year, members of the group provide the citizens of Eden with more that 3000 hours of volunteer work. Their efforts contribute to the harmony of life in our municipality. Their group donates money to many charitable or community projects, helps sponsor the D.A.R.E. graduation, provide a $500 scholarship yearly to a graduating senior, and pays for the lighting of the American Flag at the Eden Town Hall. Also each year they hold an annual Bike Rodeo in Eden and East Eden, to teach children about bike safety. As ride-alongs in the car, they are an extra set of eyes and ears to assist the officer on duty.

If you are interested in joining this unit, or wish additional information regarding the program, please contact Captain Flynn or any other member of the police department.

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