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Eden Police Department
Review 1998

Consolidated Yearly Report

Below is the Yearly Report for 1998. You may also want to check Monthly Reports

Total number of calls received for police assistance 5,316
Criminal Complaints Investigations
(Includes, but not limited to assaults, burglary, criminal mischiefs, harassment, and larcenies)
Assistance to other departments
(Includes backing up other departments, servicing their warrants, etc.)
Accident investigations
Fatal - 3;  Personal Injury - 40;  Property Damage Only - 125
Traffic summons issued for the year 1,420
Reserve Police Hours
(Includes clerical work, dispatching, and providing additional
man-power at accident scenes, school dances, and summer functions)
Premises Checks
(Check of residences while owners are on vacation - Officers
physically check windows and doors of each home every shift.
On an average, 20 residences are checked each shift)
(Includes violations of Town Ordinances, such as Open Container,
felony arrests for crimes such as robbery, etc.)
Animal Control complaints,
(Includes 12 animal bites, 60 dogs taken to shelter,
and 121 appearance tickets issued for violations)
Over 90,000 miles were driven during 1998
by Eden Police Vehicles on patrol.

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