Eden Police Badge
Eden Police Department
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057
(716) 992-9211
Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police


Miscellaneous calls for police assistance 247
Criminal complaint investigations 38
Assistance to other departments 41
Accident investigations 8
Traffic summons issued for the month 250
Community Policing details 52
Reserve Police Hours 251
Premises Checked 576
Animal Control complaints 38
Miles patrolled - marked patrol car 5305


  • Nick Beiter was chosen and honored as Officer of the Month. Officers appreciated the many hours he spent on the desk for dispatch duty and noted he volunteered for nearly every detail scheduled.

  • Police filed charges against an Eden woman after learning that she removed a check from a friends checkbook and cashed it after forging the owners signature.

  • Sent an Eden man to the holding center on $2,500 bail after he was arrested for Sexual Abuse and Unlawful Imprisonment.

  • Responded to 10 complaints of vehicles being ransacked during the night on Tennessee Circle. The only homes not effected were those that the occupants locked their vehicles at night. This is a problem being investigated all over Erie County. Everyone should lock their vehicles at night and remove expensive items from view. Don't leave your wallet or purse on the car seat.

  • Investigated a complaint of food tampering. Police learned that a bottle of water was tampered with but done locally by a friend as a prank. As the incidence occurred at the High School, officials their agreed to handle the discipline rather than have the student arrested.

  • Police received a number of reports of bicycle larcenies over the last two months. Youths should be reminded to secure their bikes when not in use. Also, as October brings another trash drive throughout the Town, residents should make sure the bikes aren't left near the highway even during the day. Every year a number of reports are received of bikes or wagons left in the front yard being taken by someone who believes it was set out for trash pickup.

  • Police have received a number of complaints of motorist passing stopped school buses, especially at the Eden High School when students are being discarded from the bus. It is illegal to pass a bus at any time while the lights are flashing, this includes the school driveway.

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