Eden Police Badge
Eden Police Department
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057
(716) 992-9211
Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police


Miscellaneous calls for police assistance 261
Criminal complaint investigations 45
Assistance to other departments 51
Accident investigations 18
Traffic summons issued for the month 100
Community Policing details 84
Reserve Police Hours 218
Animal Control complaints 43
Miles patrolled - marked patrol car 6,918

  • *****WARNING***** The Town of Eden has two confirmed cases of rabid animals attacking family pets within the last week. For your safety, if you see any wild animal that behaves in a strange manner such as being excessively aggressive, disoriented or wandering aimlessly, or one that shows no fear of humans, leave it alone. Unless there is a bite involved, no agency is responsible for a wild animal; but, if there is a real threat to public safety, you can call the DEC or the police to capture or kill the animal. If your pet fights with a known or suspected rabid animal, the rabies virus in the animal's saliva may remain alive on the pet's skin or in it's mouth for up to two hours. If necessary to handle the pet during that period, wear gloves. Wash the pet with soap and water. Call the Erie County Health Department to report the incident. Animals which are frequently confirmed to be rabid in NYS include dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, deer, woodchucks, opossums, pigs, coyotes, and otter.

  • Officer Bishop was selected by his peers for outstanding work during July. Shawn's follow-up investigations on several complaints led to the arrest of 15 individuals for various Penal Law crimes.

  • Police and Emergency Personnel responding to a complaint of an explosion, found a victim with cuts and burns about his hands, arms, and neck. The youth had removed explosive powder from other fire works and was attempting to pack the powder inside a 3/8" pipe. At a point, he struck the device with a hammer which caused it to detonate. After treatment for his injuries, he has been charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

  • Eden was visited by a black bear on the afternoon of July 7th. It was first spotted at Sandrock near Kulp Rd. and about an hour later it was photographed while it roamed back and forth in the Weller Subdivision.

  • Police were called to Kromers Mill on July 5th as a number of persons were reported to be trespassing. Police arrested 4 young adults. Fourteen more were arrested on complaints received on July 20th and July 29th.

  • Shadagee Road was closed for nearly an hour on the morning of July 11th after Officers Joe Flynn and James Quinones responded to a report of a person having fallen off the NYS Thruway Bridge. Traffic was detoured while rescue personnel from the Emergency Squad removed the 32 year old male and transported him to ECMC with a back injury. That individual had been working on the bridge and fell to the rocky surface below.

  • On July 18, a summons was issued to a motorist who had struck and injured a dog and left the scene without stopping. The animal's owner located the driver after tending to her pet and contacted police.

  • Police responded to a one vehicle accident on Jennings road on July 20th. Police found that a vehicle had left the road, struck a ditch, two trees, a fire hydrant, and then went back into a ditch. The driver, who received only minor injuries, was sent to a local hospital to be evaluated. He reported he had intentionally crashed his vehicle in an attempt to commit suicide.

  • A visiting Nevada driver was cited for failure to stop at a Stop Sign after crossing East Eden Road from Eckhardt and striking a northbound vehicle. That vehicle then rolled over pinning the occupant inside for nearly 30 minutes. The driver was taken to ECMC after being cut from her vehicle by Eden Rescue Squad members.

  • Another accident at Rte 62 near Jennings sent 5 to area hospitals. Investigating officers ticketed a Boston, NY man for failure to keep right. He stated he fell asleep, crossed the center line of the road and hit a van. The van rolled over several times. The accident could have been much worse but all occupants were wearing seatbelts.

  • Police stopped a vehicle on Schuster Road which led to the arrest of a Florida fugitive and the recovery of a vehicle stolen in Florida. Amy Pedigo, a passenger in the motor vehicle, only had months to serve on a prison term for a narcotics conviction when she walked away from a work assignment. The driver of the vehicle was charged with UUMV and Grand Larceny and is being held in the Erie County Holding Center pending Court Action. Pedigo has been extradited back to Florida.

  • An evening of drinking at 3 different sites led to the hospitalization of one and the jailing of two. On the first complaint, Police arrested two adults after receiving a report of underage drinking in a Welch Village apartment. There, police located 3 teenagers hiding in a closet and arrested the adult occupants for Unlawfully Dealing With a Child. Both were taken to the ECHC pending bail. Next, police responded to a report of someone lying in the roadway. There, a 15 year old boy was found unconscious. He was taken to Children's Hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning. Police then went to a Hemlock Rd. address on another report of underage drinking which led to charges being placed on three adults for Unlawful Dealing with a Child and also the citation of 8 youths for Alcoholic Beverage Control law violations. Charges will also be laid on an individual as police learned that one teenager sold a bottle of liquior to two young girls.

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