Eden Police Badge
Eden Police Department
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057
(716) 992-9211
Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police


Miscellaneous calls for police assistance 270
Criminal complaint investigations 37
Assistance to other departments 13
Accident investigations 10
Traffic summons issued for the month 103
Community Policing details 62
Reserve Police Hours 243
Premises Checked 543
Animal Control complaints 39
Miles patrolled - marked patrol car 6026


  • Reserve Police Officer of the Month was Charles LaRose. The club decided Charlie was the most deserving reserve for his many hours of service. Charlie will come to help whenever he is needed. He also helps the community whenever the need calls. Thank you, Charlie
  • Thank you to John and Alison Cardarelli and Sharon Brockman for the beautiful flowers they planted in front of the police station. The flowers added a very special touch. Feel free to come down, enjoy our flower garden and weeding is always welcomed!
  • A road block was conducted using funds from the National Traffic Safety. Over 45 summons were issued in less than 2 hours.
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