Eden Police Badge
Eden Police Department
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057
(716) 992-9211
Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police


Miscellaneous calls for police assistance 295
Criminal complaint investigations 21
Assistance to other departments 11
Accident investigations 16
Traffic summons issued for the month 79
Community Policing details 48
Reserve Police Hours 252
Premises Checked 401
Animal Control complaints 42
Miles patrolled - marked patrol car 6702

We would again like to remind residents that the "No Parking Ban is now in effect". Your compliance with this law allows the Highway Departments to properly clean the highway which makes motorist and pedistrian travel safer.

People are also urged to refrain from blowing or plowing snow onto the roadway. Under vehicle and traffic law, section 1219, snow is included in a list of injurious substances that are prohibited from being put in the highway. It is stated that any placed there is injurious substances shall be immediately removed.


  • Several residential burglaries were reported to have occurred in the SouthTowns from early to mid December, two of which occurred in Eden. All occurred during the day. Police believe a blue 4X4 pick up truck may have been involved. Residents are asked to notify police if they see any unusual vehicles in their area or at a neighbors' home. What you may feel is nothing, may be very helpful to us and surrounding departments.
  • Filed accident reports on two snowmobile accidents in the East Eden area. On January 5th, Kelly Flanigan struck a steel gate at a road crossing and was taken to ECMC with a shoulder injury and possible concussion. On the 6th, a head on accident occurred at the top of a blind grade when two sleds collided. Speed was a factor.
  • Local police and DEC officials have been out on sleds checking the trails for violations. So far, 10 summons have been issued for infractions.

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