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Eden Police Department
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057
(716) 992-9211
Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police


Miscellaneous calls for police assistance 311
Criminal complaint investigations 31
Assistance to other departments 50
Accident investigations 18
Traffic summons issued for the month 168
Community Policing details 53
Reserve Police Hours 436
Animal Control complaints 54
Miles patrolled - marked patrol car 6,834

  • * Numerous youths were stopped and sent home for riding bicycles without proper helmets. Parents are reminded that children under 14 are required to wear an approved helmet. If you have difficulty obtaining one, please call our office.

  • Police on patrol found a west wall of the Eden High School vandalized. Apparently someone who was unhappy with the school's requirement that students must turn in a book report done over the summer, spray painted "No Reports" on the wall.

  • A victim of mailbox vandalism contacted the police on 8/2/99 reporting his mailbox was blown up at 11:30 P.M. the night before. It appeared damaged by an M-80 type device.

  • Police arrested a 19 year old Buffalo youth for Criminal Trespass after he returned to a Jennings Road home after having been removed without charges on a number of occasions. As recent as the night before, he was removed by the police and also charged with Driving While Suspended. Responding police on August 5th found him hiding under a bed. He was arraigned and sent to the Holding Center on $1,000 bail.

  • $768.00 worth of CB radio equipment and antenna's were taken from a vehicle parked on Eden Evans Center Road on August 5th. The owner of the locked vehicle also reported his wallet with cash and personal papers were also taken.

  • Police arrested a Hamburg man for felony DWI after he was observed passing a red light at Main and Church Street. The driver, who was southbound on RT 62, stated that he was headed home. After his refusal to take a breathalyzer test, he was arraigned by Judge Cooper. Cooper suspended his driver's license immediately and released him after he posted $750.00 bail.

  • Police also arrested a Buffalo man for DWI later that evening, after responding to a report of a fight between him and a girlfriend on RT 62 and Sandrock Road.

  • Police petitioned 2 youths to Family Court for Juvenile Delinquency after a property owner caught them spray painting graffiti on his Hemlock Road business. The victim, along with several of his neighbors, have had problems with vandals for over a month.

  • A Gowanda man was stopped on RT 62 in Eden after a report was received that he had just entered a garage and stole property while the owner held a yard sale. Police recovered the property and it was returned to the owner who refused to press charges.

  • A Derby Road resident reported nearly $2,600 worth of cash, CD's, tapes, and audio equipment was stolen from his locked vehicle on August 14th.

  • A 30 year old male was flown to ECMC by helicopter with back and lower leg injuries after he fell from the roof of his house. The man was knocked to the ground after coming into contact with the electric lines attached to his home.

  • A Bley Road resident reported they found their garage had been burglarized on 8/13/99. Police have charged a 13 year old youth in Family Court for the offense. Charges may be pending against another minor. Items that were stolen were recovered at an Eden home, also at a home in Hamburg.

  • A road safety check on 8/15/99, conducted with NYS Traffic Safety funds, lead to 69 summons being issued. Most were for no seat belts. A Cheektowaga man who was observed changing places with his passenger as he drove up to the site was arrested for Driving While Suspended. Later, another motorist was also charged with Driving While Suspended. After stopping him for having an expired inspection, police learned he was suspended for his failure to answer another ticket he received in Eden in June of 1997.

  • An early morning accident on 8/28/99 lead to a DWI charge being placed against a N. Main Street resident. At 4:15 A.M., Alvin Clark, Bley Road in Eden, reported he was southbound on RT 62 when he was struck by a vehicle from behind. Clark lost control of his vehicle damaging several pieces of property near the Highway Department and Dr. Halls. Clark reported the individual who had hit him kept going, only to return a short time later with another person. They drove him to his home. There, police arrived and after some time, the driver admitted to his involvement.

  • A 17 year old Eden youth must answer several summons in Eden Court after being stopped for operating a motorcycle, on March Road, that wasn't registered. Police arrested the youth after receiving a number of complaints about his operation in the vicinity of George and Main Streets.

  • At another road check on August 29th, 37 summons were issued. A Rochester woman, who was stopped for a seat belt violation, was arrested for Driving While Suspended. She had two summons in other jurisdictions that she failed to appear in court on. Under law, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend someone's driving privileges after they fail to appear for a ticket within 90 days.

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