Eden Police Badge
Eden Police Department
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057
(716) 992-9211
Patrick M. Howard, Chief of Police


Miscellaneous calls for police assistance 407
Criminal complaint investigations 43
Assistance to other departments 58
Accident investigations 7
Traffic summons issued for the month 139
Community Policing details 53
Premises Check 248
Reserve Police Hours 157
Animal Control complaints 39
Miles patrolled - marked patrol car 5,736


  • Eden Police received a report of a home burglary on 8/6/2003. Suspects appear to have entered the residence through the garage door. The home was left in disarray with primarily jewelry missing.

  • On 8/7/2003, Eden Police responded to a report of a home burglary. Upon investigation, it was learned the home owner returned from work and found a garage door open and the residence ransacked. Residents found jewelry missing. This investigation continues.

  • The morning of 8/11/2003, a report was received by the police department that a mini excavator was removed from a work site. After speaking with the foreman, it was determined the item was stolen.

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