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Town of Eden Eden Police is proud of the services they have to offer for their community. Click on one of the many services listed below for further information.


In addition to our regular duties, The Police Department offers a variety of valuable services to our township residents. We ask you to use this guide to discover what these services are and to utilize them in anyway that they may assist you. Please call our dispatcher at 992-9211 if additional information is needed.


Although not all our members belong to the emergency squad, all have emergency- medical training and have recently obtained defibulation certification. Some are trained also in auto extrication and other rescue operations as well. Department policy requires the police to respond to every EMS call for which they are available. In addition, the police cruiser being equipped with many medical supplies, is usually the first emergency vehicle to locate a residence. Officers are trained to take vitals, administer oxygen, CPR, or begin whatever basic EMS is needed. Patient information is relaid to the responding EMS member by radio and, when advisable, instructions for additional treatment can be relaid to the officer. Officers also assist EMS personnel with transportation of the sick or injured to the ambulance.


The Police Department provides house checks to residents who are away from their homes on business or vacations. At the beginning of each shift, officers are notified of the homes that will be unoccupied and, as time permits, they check the exterior of the residence and neighborhood for suspicious activity, assuring themselves that the home/building is secure and free of unwanted guests. To obtain a check, please stop or call the police department.


Although a home can not be entirely burglar proof, our officers may be able to assist you by providing tips and advice to safeguard your family and valuables. Contact our dispatcher to arrange to have an officer stop by if you desire such information.


Fingerprinting of individuals for jobs, pistol permits, security clearance or whatever, is provided to residents free of charge. We presently fingerprint any child, with parent permission, brought to kindergarten registration, and the card is sent home along with an identity video prepared by another organization. If you need an individual set of prints, or your organization would like your children's prints taken, contact our dispatch center for information.


Applications for handicap parking permits may be picked up at the police dispatch center anytime. Once completed and signed by a doctor, permits are issued and recorded. Lost, stolen, or expired permits can be replaced there also. Records are maintained, and when there are inquiries made by another jurisdiction as to the validity of a permit, an instant verification can be made. Removing lost or stolen permits from circulation cuts down on parking abuse.


The department maintains a file on all bicycles registered, and a description with owners' names and the bicycles' value recorded. A numbered, reflective safety tag is issued and placed on each bike.
In May and early June, the department annually holds two bicycle safety rodeos, classified according to ages. Toddlers and teenagers ride a designed obstacle course and are graded for safety and style, vying for one of the many prizes in each group. Rodeos are held at the Eden Town Hall and at Eden Heights in East Eden. The Eden American Legion co-sponsors this educational activity and gives away a new bicycle at each event. Participation is free, and we ask only that contestants and observers become more safety-conscious and enjoy the rodeo.


Tours of the department, vehicle and building, are common occurrences. We are proud to display our equipment and to explain to children how and when to call the 9-1-1 or dispatch center. We also would like to introduce a number of safety programs, including Officer Ollie, one of many puppets to assist in the presentation to children..
We are also happy to arrange the presentation of speeches at your organizations' meetings on any number of police-related topics. Please call our dispatch center for more information.


Two officers of the department are notarys who are available and willing to provide legal service as requested. Please call in advance to assure that one is available at the office.

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