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Eden Police Department
Review 2007

Consolidated Yearly Report

Below is the Yearly Report for 2007. You may also want to check Monthly Reports

Total number of calls received for police assistance 4946
Criminal Complaints Investigations
(Includes, but not limited to assaults, burglary, criminal mischiefs, harassment, and larcenies)
Assistance to other departments
(Includes backing up other departments on serious calls, serving warrants, assistance in locating a suspects vehicle, assisting Emergency Squad in First aid calls, etc.)
Accident investigations
(1 fatal, 27 Injury, 93 property damage)
Traffic summons issued for the year 1,023
Reserve Police Hours
(Includes clerical work, dispatching, and providing additional
man-power at accident scenes, school dances, and summer functions)
Community policing
(Consists of conducting the DARE program, directing traffic for school buses, funeral escorts, keys locked inside of vehicles,etc,)
Premises Checked
(premises checks while homeowners are on vacation, etc.)
Note: Marked Patrol car was driven 66,003 miles during the year 2007

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