Message from
Highway Superintendent Ron Maggs


SUMMER WILL BE FAST UPON US, we will be changing to our summer hours soon, you will find us here Monday through Thursday from 6 AM to 4 PM. As in any case please notify the police department of any road emergencies when we are not in.

This long bad winter has caused an increase in needed road repairs! We will be working on the town owned roads but in cases like Eden Evans Center Road or Church Street, Erie County is responsible for the repairs. The Town continues to request repairs for county roads, but we would like you to, also. There are many ways to inform the county of bad areas, you can call the Erie County Highway Hamburg Office at 649-4077, or you can also contact our Legislature John Mills at 92 Franklin Street, Buffalo NY 14202, 858-8850, john.mills@erie.gov.

The Town has over 100 lane miles of roads to maintain. Any help with winter cleanup or keeping ditches and receivers clear of debris is very appreciated! This will allow us more time to do the big jobs that need to be done.

Also, we will be picking up brush starting on April 6, please note each road is covered only once so please have your pile out by 7 am. We will also start a pickup on May 4, June 8, September 8 and October 5. No pickup in July and August. You may also bring brush to the Highway Grounds for disposal. Please call for more information.

Remember to be courteous when driving in a work zone. Slow down, be aware and drive safe!


Ron Maggs



Highway Superintendent Ron Maggs