Message from
Highway Superintendent Ron Maggs


Winter is fast approaching! We have changed our attention to preparing the trucks for the snow. Keeping the roads safe is our main priority, which means pushing the snow off the roads and onto the shoulders, and sometimes this does mean the snow drops in the end of the driveways, unfortunately this is an unavoidable occurrence. Please note there is “No Parking” on all roads November 1st through April 1st from 2am to 7am. If a storm is anticipated it would be appreciated if vehicles were removed from the shoulder of the road so the plows can clean the roads the first time through. Also remember when plowing your driveway, you cannot plow across the road. For the safety of retrieving your mail, clean out the snow around your mailbox regularly.

I would also like to remind everyone how dangerous it is for the kids to play near the road. As the plow goes by and pushes the snow it can easily bury or injure someone in or on the snow banks unknowingly, drivers cannot always see them and conditions can make reaction time much slower, so please keep the kids away from the road!


Ron Maggs



Highway Superintendent Ron Maggs