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Eden Fire Department

Cairns Iris Helmet

CairnsIris Thermal Imaging System

Allows the firefighter to "see" firefighting activities more accurately through smoke and heat filled rooms.

Eden is very fortunate that our firefighters have equipment such as this. This helmet cost was $25,000.00---paid through donations and fund raisings.

Developed by Cairns and Brother, and its technology partner, GEC-Marconi Avionics, the CairnsIRIS is a helmet mounted thermal imaging system that will change a firefighter look at fire forever.

Faster Search and Rescue*
You'll "see" your way through unfamiliar surroundings and obstacles, even under complete darkness or the heaviest of smoke conditions.

Cairns Iris Helmet

Quicker and safer firefighter*
Locates the seat of the fire faster, even behind walls and below floors.

Cairns Iris Helmet

Hands-free operation*
A tactical tool that saves time and frees up critical manpower when it is needed most.

Cairns Iris Helmet

Allows the instructor to "see" firefighting activities more accurately. The video output allows for external monitoring or recording for future review.

Cairns Iris Helmet

* Pictures and text taken from CairnsIRIS, Clinton, NJ

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