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Section Contents
1 (a) Stages of Notification Of Disaster Committee
  (b) Disaster Committee First Notification
  (c) Additional Operation Center & Staff
2 Disaster Plan - Definition, Purpose, Authorization
3 Declaration Of A Disaster
4 Department Responsibilities

(1a) Stages of Notification Of The Disaster Preparedness Committee

  • Stage 1: Normal Operations

  • Stage 2: Police And/Or Fire Dispatch To Notify-
      A) Police Chief Or Next In Command
      B) Disaster Coordinator (Supervisor) And The Deputy Supervisor
      C) Notify Disaster Preparedness Co-Coordinators And Committee Members

  • Stage 3: Disaster Coordinator Must Decide To Activate The Town Disaster Plan And/Or Various Segments Of It.

  • Stage 4:
      1) Activate Command Center
      2) Activate Forward Mobile Command Center And All Members Of The Disaster Committee
      3) Notify Town Board Members
      Various Department Heads
      Public Information Officer
      Erie County Disaster Preparedness Officer

    (1b) Disaster Committee - First Notification

Name Title Phone #
Patrick M. Howard Police Chief 992-9211
Michael Felschow Police Lieutenant 992-9211
Joseph E. Flynn Reserve Capt 992-9211
Glenn Nellis Supervisor 992-3366
Mary Lou Pew Deputy Supervisor 992-2766
Robert Stickney Co-Disaster Coor. 992-4062
Maurice Dole Co-Disaster Coor. 992-3160
Paul Laing Fire Chief 992-4062
David Cole 1st Asst. Chief 992-4062
Matt Colvin 2nd Asst. Chief 992-2502
Kevin Schoenthal East Eden Fire Chief 992-3160
Joe Armbruster 1st Asst. Chief 992-3160
Andy Breier 2nd Asst. Chief 992-2378
Paul Shephard Dir Eden Emerg Res Squad 992-9211
Kathy Keller Amb. Dept. Dir. 992-9211
Ken Franz Amb. Rescue Capt. 992-9211
Ronald Maggs Highway Supt. 992-3823
Bob Barton Asst Highway 992-3823

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  • Robert Stickney, Eden Fire Dept
  • Maurice Dole, East Eden Fire Dept.
  • Richard Kirst East Eden Fire Dept.
  • David A. Cole, Eden E.M.S.
  • Julie Boedo, Eden E.M.S.
  • Lt. Michael Felschow, Eden Police
  • Capt. Joseph Flynn, Eden Reserve Police
  • David Schreiber, East Eden Fire Dept.
  • Bob Barton, Eden Highway
  • Charles Schmitz Eden Fire Dept.
  • Hon. Mary Lou Pew, Eden Town Board

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    Town Of Eden Project Impact Steering Committee Government, Corporate And Non-Profit Partners

    Town Of Eden Police/Emergency Squad/Highway/Government
  • Chief Patrick Howard, Eden Police
  • Paul Laing, Eden Fire Dept.
  • Maurice Dole, East Eden Fire Dept.
  • Kevin Shoenthal, East Eden Fire Dept
  • Bob Stickney, Eden Fire Dept.
  • Paul Shephard, Eden Emergency & Rescue Squad
  • Ron Maggs, Highway Superintendent
  • Hon.Supervisor Glenn Nellis
  • Hon.Deputy Supervisor Mary Lou Pew
  • Hon.Former Councilman Jerry Neifer
  • Hon.Former Supervisor William Feasley
  • New York State Emergency Management Office
    Contact: William Clark, Regional Director, SEMO
    John P. Dinuzzo, Chief Of Mitigation Programs
  • Erie County Department Of Emergency Services
    Contact: Dean A. Messing, Deputy Commissioner Cd/Odp
  • Erie County American Red Cross
    Contact: Nancy Blaschek
  • Niagara Mohawk Company
    Contact: Andrea A. Puslulka
  • National Fuel Company
    Contact: Tom Komosinski
  • Bell Atlantic Company
    Contact: Maureen Rasp-Glose,Dir. Of Community Affairs
  • Adelphia Cable
    Contact: Dan Bellows, Regional Planning Manager
  • National Weather Services
    Contact: Stan Levine
  • Eden Central School
    Contact: David Martin, Supervisor Of Buildings & Grounds
    Contact: Robert Zimmerman, Superintendent Of Schools
  • U.S. Army Corp Of Engineers
    Contact: Phyllis Dudeck
  • Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
    Contact: R.S. Rob Redmond
  • Arbor Park Health Care
    Contact: Lisa Hennessy
  • Eden Heights
    Contact: Denise Mckenzie
  • Hong Kong Shang-Hai Banking Corp (HSBC)
    Contact: Carol Banaszak
  • M & T Bank
    Contact: Jeff Shaw
  • Agriculture
    Contact: Mark Henry
    William Feasley,
  • University Of Buffalo
    Contact: Lynda Spagnola, Environmental Health & Safety
    Louis Henry, Chairman Of The Disaster Preparedness
  • Niagara Frontier Transist Authority/Metro (NFTA)
    Contact: Jerry Reinhe
  • Allstate Insurance
    Contact: Jerry Canzoneri
  • Buffalo Fire Dept.
    Contact: Mark T. Swannie
  • GUI's Lumber & Home Center
    Rodger Andrews

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Emergency Operations Center Eden Town Hall 992-3406
Alternate Centers Eden Highway Dept 992-3823 East Eden Fire Hall 992-3160 Eden Central School 992-3600

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The Following Staff Positions Are For Guidance. Elimination Of Any Is A Local Option, Also Any Person May Fill More Than One Position.

    Supervisor Hon. Glenn Nellis
    Deputy Supervisor Hon. Mary Lou Pew
    Councilman Hon. George F. Zittel
    Councilman Hon. Vincent Vacco
    Councilman Hon. Timothy Walker
    Secretary (CEO) Anna M. Knack
    Attorney William Trask
    Building Inspector Scott T. Henry
    Fire Code Enforcement Off.Chief Paul Laing
    Town Clerk Mary Jo Hultquist
    Clerk, Deputy Janice King
    Clerk, Deputy Paula Thurston
    Police Clerk Kim Soda
    Town Engineer Drew Reilly
    Town Justice Hon. Michael Cooper
    Town Justice Hon.Colin Campbell
    Town Maintenance Scott Christiansen
    Town Custodian William Sickau
    Dog Control Off. Raymond Zabron
    Recreation Director Susan Brass
    Prosecutor Melissa Zittel

    Emergency Operations Center Staff

    Police Department:
    Patrick M. Howard, Chief
    Lt. Michael J. Felschow, Off.
    John H. Mccarthy, Off
    Shawn Bishop, Off
    Kim Soda, Police Clerk

    Eden Fire Department:

    Fire Control 648-5111
    Paul Laing, Fire Chief
    Dave Cole, 1st Asst. Chief
    Mathew Colvin, 2nd Asst. Chief
    Steven Skalski, Captain
    Richard Greeley, 1st Lt.
    David Rice, 2nd Lt.
    Daniel Howles, Safety Officer
    Clyde Colvin, Safety Officer

    East Eden Fire Department:

    Fire Control
    Kevin Schoenthal, Chief
    Joe Armbruster, 1st Asst. Chief
    Andy Breier, 2nd Asst. Chief
    Roy Armbruster, Captain
    Chris Enser 1st Lt.
    Scott Hunter, 2nd Lt.
    Richard Kirst, Safety Officer
    Chris Brind'amour, Safety Officer
    David Schreiber, Communications Officer
    Maury Dole, Captain

    Eden Emergency Squad:

    Squad Emergencies 992-9211
    Squad Hall 992-4460
    Paul Shephard, Director
    Kathy Keller Deputy Director
    Kenneth Franz, Rescue Captain
    Bill Roach, ILS Captain
    Lisa Kaufman, EMS Captain

    Highway Department:

    Garage/Barn 992-3823
    Ronald Maggs, Superintendent
    Skip Greeley, 1st Assistant

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    Town Of Eden Disaster Preparedness Plan

    Disaster Definition

    Any Type Of An Emergency Involving Multiple Casualties And Requiring More Than The Standard Mutual Aid Assistance. Further, Any Natural Hazard Situation Where Standard Or Regular First Aid, Rescue, Fire Control And Police Services Need Additional Manpower And Support (E.G., Flood, Blizzard, Potential Explosion, Etc.,) On A Mutual Aid Basis.


    This Disaster Preparedness Plan Is Intended To Set Forth All Necessary Information Pertaining To Operating Procedures, Material And Human Resource Availability, And Political Organization And Responsibility For The Town Of Eden For Use By The Town Officials During A Declared Emergency.


    Disaster Planning Is Based On The New York State Defense Emergency Act, The Regulations And Orders Of The State Defense Council And The State Civil Defense Commission; The Emergency Plan For The Natural Disaster Of The State Of New York; And The National Plan For Natural Disaster Mobilization.

    Section 23 Of Article 2b Of The State Executive Law Authorizes Town Governments To Prepare Disaster Preparedness Plans. Pursuant To Section 23 Of Article 2b The Eden Town Board Has Adopted The Following Disaster Preparedness Measures, Designed To Prevent Or Mitigate Disasters And Their Effects, To Provide For Effective Response, And To Facilitate Recovery. The Comprehensive Emergency Management Concept That Is Adopted In New York State Prepares Local Governments To Effectively Utilize All Of Its Resources Before, During And After Disasters To Minimize Their Impact.

    Minimization Of The Effects Of Disaster Is The Primary Motive Of Effective Disaster Planning. The Eden Town Board Acknowledges That Planning And Preparatory Actions Are Required Before A Disaster Strikes. Coordinated Disaster Planning Permits Town Citizens To More Adequately Respond To Emergency Situations, Saving Lives And Minimizing The Loss Of Property. The Eden Town Board Shall Have The Primary Responsibility To See That Everything Possible Is Done To Prepare For Disasters And To Provide For The Safety And Security Of The Community During A Disaster.

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    Declaration Of A Disaster

    Upon Finding By The Supervisor With The Advice And Counsel Of The Various Department Chiefs That The Public Safety Is Imperiled, The Supervisor Is Authorized By Article 2b Of The Executive Law To Proclaim A State Of Emergency Within Any Part Or All Of The Territorial Limits Of The Town Of Eden. Following The Proclamation Of An Emergency Order, The Supervisor May Issue Any Orders Or Directives Where Required To Protect Life And Property Or To Mitigate The Destructive Impact Of The Disaster. Section 24 Of Article 2b Permits The Supervisor To Issue Orders Providing For:

    1. The Imposition Of Curfews;
    2. The Prohibition And Control Of Pedestrian And Vehicular
    Traffic Throughout The Territorial Limits Of The Town;
    3. The Designation Of Certain Areas Of The Town As Unsafe For Occupancy Or Passage;
    4. The Closing Or Restricted Use Of Places Of Amusement And Assembly (Bar Rooms, Recreation Facilities, Etc.);
    5. The Suspension Or Limitation Of The Sale, Use Or Transportation Of Alcoholic Beverages, Firearms, Explosives And Flammable Materials And Liquids;
    6. The Suspension Of Local Laws, Ordinances, Or Regulations Subject To Any Constitutional And Statutory Limitations As Set Forth In Sub-Section (F) Of Section 24.

    Unit Notification

    Upon Declaration, All Emergency Services: Police, Fire, Emergency And Rescue Squads, And The Highway Department Will Be Notified By Phone Or Use Of A Common Code Or Signal Over The Town Radio, Squad Receivers And Fire Department Receivers (Hamburg Fire Control).

    Operating During A Disaster

    The Primary Emergency Operations Center For The Town Of Eden Will Be Located In The Eden Town Hall. Once The Supervisor Declares A State Of Emergency, The Emergency Operations Center Will Be Staffed On A 24 Hour Basis Until The Emergency Expires. The Supervisor As Chief Executive, Pursuant To The Mandates Of Article 2b, Shall Make All Necessary Decisions And Shall Issue All Necessary Directives During The Course Of The Disaster On Matters Pertaining To The Coordination Of Disaster Relief Measures And To The Discharge Of Responsibilities Of The Departments Chiefs. Consequently, All Warnings, Directives, Information, Etc. Shall Be Forwarded To Department Chiefs From The Emergency Operations Center. This Information Will Be Circulated Through The Use Of The Services Of The Town Board Members And Other Designated Town Officials And Representatives, The Various Department Radios Located In Trucks And Other Vehicles, And The Telephones And Radios Located In All Town Administration Buildings.

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    Chief Executive Officer

    The Supervisor, As Chief Executive Officer, Is Responsible For The Conduct Of Disaster Operations Within The Town Of Eden. The CEO Shall Use Any And All Facilities, Equipment, Supplies, Personnel, And Other Resources Of The Town In Such A Manner As May Be Necessary Or Appropriate To Cope With The Disaster.

    The Chief Executive Officer Shall Direct The Activities Of All Agencies Within The Town Against The Effects Of Emergency In Conformance Of The Approved Plans For The Rescue And Relief Of The People And The Recovery And Rehabilitation Of The Town.

    The CEO Will Utilize The Services Of The Emergency Operations Center And Its Staff For Implementation Of This And Other Emergency Relief Measures.

    The Town Board, As The Elected Body Of The People, Shall Take All Appropriate Steps To Prepare For Any Disaster Or Emergency And Shall Generally Be Responsible For The Implementation Of This And Other Emergency Preparedness Plans.


    Each Department Liaison Assigned To The Emergency Operations Center Will Be Familiar With This Plan. Particularly With The Section Pertaining To His Or Her Departmental Responsibilities.

    The Supervisor, As Chief Executive, Shall Coordinate And Oversee All Disaster Response Activities.

    Department Heads Shall Retain Control Of Their Assigned Departments And Implement The Directives Received From The Emergency Operations Center. Each Department Shall Periodically Report To The Chief Executive The Current Progress Of Disaster Relief Measures.


    The Town Clerk Shall Also Operate From The Emergency Operations Center And Shall Be Responsible For The Maintenance And Availability Of Essential Records, Documents, And Plans, And All Other Materials Required During The Emergency For The Continued Functioning Of Town Government.

    Disaster Coordinator And Information Officer

    The Supervisor Or Designated Person Shall Act As The Disaster Coordinator And Information Officer, And Shall, With The Advice And Counsel Of The Town Attorney, Direct The Local Dissemination Of Emergency Information, The Issuance Of News Reports To The Public, And Notification Of The County Office Of Disaster Preparedness Of The Status And Development Of Emergency Measures.


    The School Representatives For The Eden School District Shall Direct The Action Related To Care For School Students In School During An Emergency Situation.

    County Assistance

    Upon The Chief Executive's Declaration That An Emergency Situation Exists, The Erie County Office Of Disaster Preparedness Shall Be Immediately Notified. The Director Shall Be Informed Of The Existing Situation. Call 858-6578 Or 858-6262

    Police Department And Reserve Police Units

    The Police Chief, Along With Staff Support Shall Provide All Necessary Material And Human Resources To Discharge The Following Responsibilities: 1. The Protection Of Life And Property; 2. The Establishment Of Ingress & Egress Control; 3. The Regulation Of Commercial Traffic & Pedestrian Travel; 4. The Suppression Of Riots And Disorders; 5. The Investigation Of Accidents; 6. The Identification Of The Dead; 7. The Enforcement Of All Laws, Ordinances, Disaster Emergency Regulations, Curfews, Etc.; 8. The Capture And Detention Of Violators; 9. The Coordination Of Activities With Federal, State And Local Governments.

    The Police Vehicle Along With Fire Truck #7 Will Be Used As An On-Site Radio Command Post And Communication Center. They Will Coordinate Conversation Between The Police And Fire Department Frequencies.

    If Highway Trucks Are Not Needed At The Disaster Site They Should Be Located At Traffic Points For Communications, Releasing Portables For Site Work. The Police Chief And The Department Will Be Responsible For The Security Of The Morgue And Any Victim's Possessions.

    Fire Department

    The Fire Chief Along With His Assistants, Will Be Responsible For The Direction Of All Actions To Contain And Extinguish Fires Resulting From The Emergency. The Fire Department Will Have Communication With Any Other Fire Departments And The Rescue Vehicle's, Ambulances, Etc., From Mutual Aid Companies Responding.

    If There Are No Fire Activities, The Fire Department Personnel Will Assist Other Agencies In Rescue And Extrication In Whatever Way Possible.

    Fire Personnel Will Be Responsible For Any Hazardous, Unsafe Or Dangerous, Life Threatening Situation Or Area That Would Be A Problem For Rescue Efforts, First Aid And Rescue, Or Fire Personnel Safety.

    Emergency Squad-Director Of Operations

    Squad Members Are Responsible For All First Aid And Rescue.

    The Triage Officer And Authorized Personnel Will Begin Tagging All Victims. They Should Make Their First Survey And Sticker Or Tag To Indicate Priority. Triage Officers Will Attach A Sticker, Decal, Or Tag On An Injured Victims Forehead, Cheek, Or To The Most Visible Place On The Body. These Markings Will Enable Incoming Personnel To Move Rapidly To The Victims Needing Them Most. The Triage Officer Must Be Careful That The Initial Survey Is Thorough. Triage Tags Will Be Color Coded.

    Red- Immediate-Critical Injuries, Abdominal And Head Injuries, Respiratory Or Severe Bleeding, Severe Shock, Open Chest, Etc.

    Yellow- Delayed-Transportation For Lesser Non-Life Threatening Injuries, Minor Shock, Burns, Multiple Or Major Fractures, Back Injuries.

    Green- Hold-Minor Fractures And Wounds Of Ambulatory Nature, Minor Burns With No Respiratory Involvement.

    Black- Deceased-Patients With Absence Of Vital Signs Or Those With Injuries That Are Obviously Incompatible With Survival.

    A Secured Supply Of Identification Tags Will Be Supplied To Each Department; Police, Emergency And Rescue, Eden & East Eden Fire Along With Town Disaster Equipment To Provide Immediate Availability For Emergency Personnel.

    The Squad Must Delegate Persons Responsible For Tag Data And Roster Information. No Person Or Victim Should Be Moved Or Put In An Ambulance Without A Tag Or Number And The Information Listed On The Casualty Roster. The Casualty Roster Will Include Name Or Description Of Victim, (Identification To Be Done With Police Assistance) Tag #, Address If Known, And Where They Were Taken To, And By Whom.

    All Incoming Personnel Should Be Deployed By The Officer In Charge To Avoid Confusion And Unnecessary Overload In An Area.

    Highway Department

    The Local Highway Superintendent Will Be Responsible For The Maintenance Of Streets And Bridges And All Official Trucks, Cars, And Equipment As Directed. He Will Make Available Any Town Equipment As Necessary For Emergency Work With Available Manpower. If Needed, He Will Transport The Field Hospital To A Designated Site And Any Other Emergency Equipment, Pumps, Generators, Compressors, Barricades, Etc.. Any Radio Equipped Vehicles Not Needed For Operation Will Be Deployed To Various Traffic Points For Communication Purposes And Control. All Available Manpower Would Be Utilized In Other Areas If Needed.

    Building Inspector

    The Building Inspector Of The Town Will Be Responsible For All Safety Inspection Of Damaged Homes And Businesses Before Evacuees Are Allowed To Reoccupy Such Buildings, And To Begin Damage Assessment And Evaluation Process.

    American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross Is Recognized As The Agency Responsible For Mass Care To Persons Immediately Following A Disaster. They Are Obligated Under The Terms Of Its Charter To Supply Emergency Relief Assistance.

    Local Red Cross Chapters Can Extend Natural Disaster Relief Assistance To Individuals And Families And The Red Cross Can Assume Administrative And Financial Responsibilities In Providing Such Assistance.

    Additional Considerations

    Any Specialized Units Required Would Be Under The Control Of The Requesting Local Agency (Police, Squad, Fire, Etc.) And They Would Report To The Officer In Charge Or To The Designated Person Of Said Requesting Agency.

    A Special And Separate Emergency Call List Of All Town Agency Officers Designated As Officials Of The Disaster Unit, Their Home, Business Telephone Number Or Where They May Be Reached On A 24 Hour Basis Will Be Kept On File. This List To Be Available To Those Designated.

    Mobile Command Post

    A Towable Trailer Is Available To The Town Of Eden, If Needed, By Contacting The Town Of Hamburg. Eden Town Radio Frequencies Along With The Radio Frequencies Of All Fire And Local Government Agencies Have Been Installed In The Trailer. Being Equipped With A Cellular Phone Makes Communication Possible Between The On-Site Post And The Emergency Operations Center.

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