In the event of an Emergency or Disaster in the Town of Eden, information will be posted to this site as well as the Town of Eden Homepage to update you further.

Hurricane Sandy

As you are aware, Hurricane Sandy has left unimaginable devastation all across the New Jersey Shorelines and other portions of the East Coast.

Fortunately, in the Town of Eden, NY, we were spared the devastation of the storm and the Town suffered minor incidences such as flooding of a few residents' basements. I'd like to thank our Emergency Personnel (Police, Fire, Squad & Disaster Coordinators) in the Town of Eden for their due diligence in "stand-by" mode if we needed to invoke our disaster preparedness plan in Eden.

Last, but not least I would also like to thank the residents of Eden and staff for preparing themselves as a precautionary measure.

Please continue to educate and prepare yourselves by visiting the Town of Eden Disaster Preparedness Plan for your best defense against these horrific events.

  • Town of Eden Disaster Preparedness Plan
    for Residents_Vers. 1.2
  • Any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to either myself at 716-992-2766 or email at: Mary Lou Pew, Deputy Supervisor or Supervisor Glenn R. Nellis at (716) 992-3408.

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