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The Town of Eden, like many municipalities, has passed through the struggles that characterize all American communities in their early history. While only a few simple laws were necessary in the 19th Century, subsequent growth of the town, together with the complexity of modern life, has created the need for new and more detailed laws for the proper function and government of the town in the 21st Century. Eden began as, and still is, primarily a rural community, with agriculture and dairy farms the primary land use activity. Changes in the agricultural and dairy farm operations over the years, as well as the need for housing development, present challenges to local officials and residents to maintain the rural atmosphere of the community. The recording of local law is an aspect of municipal history, and as the community develops and changes, review and revision of old laws and consideration of new laws in the light of current trends, must keep pace. The orderly collection of these records is an important step in this ever-continuing process. Laws must be more than mere chronological enactments lost in history in the pages of old records. They must be available and they must be logically arranged for convenient use. They must be kept up-to-date. It was with thoughts such as these in mind that the Eden Town Board ordered the codification of the town's law. Clicking on the link below will bring you to the complete documentation of the Eden Town Code.

Town of Eden Code

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One of the policies of the Town of Eden was to adopt a Comprehensive Masterplan. In producing a Comprehensive Masterplan, a written vision of the future must be formulated to provide not only direction to the community, but to the entire planning process. Without a clear listing of accepted Goals and Objectives, the Plan will not focus on the issues most important to the citizens of the Town of Eden, and the plan will lack direction.

The following link demonstrates a list of goals and objectives in which were generated through the public participation process that began in September of 1999. The process began with just listening to the concerns, desires, and likes and dislikes of the people attending the first public forums. These issues were reviewed & supplemented from the previous master plan process of (1992-1998). A new listing of "issues" was re-presented to the public in an October 1999 meeting, in which additional comments were received. After input from the Town Board and Citizens, goals & objectives were formulated out of these issues and minor amendments were made.

This plan has identified eight major Goals and objectives of the community: Rural Character preservation, Eden Center Redevelopment, Economic Development, Agricultural Development & Farmland Preservation, Open Space Conservation, Environmental Protection, Growth Management, & Transportation System Management.

This link is best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Town of Eden 2015 Comprehensive Master Plan

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Fee Schedule - Standard Schedule of Fees

Link to -->>Standard Schedule of Fees in the Town of Eden

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   It is imperative that contractors follow the architectural drawings given to them by the homeowners